Open Source Projects

Flashlight for OS X
An Open-Source project that allows to bore up the search in macOS. It was used by thousands of users. I was (besides the founder) the top contributor with over 120 commits.
Flashlight Plugins
A extra repository for some Plugins of the Flashlight project.
A lightweight, responsive, smart gallery based on jQuery
A GS1 Barcode Library and Parser in Swift
Camera Remote - JS
Remote control your Sony Camera. Using one API and build an Application in Browser, Node.js, or a JavaScript Hybrid App
Yeoman Gulp, SASS, Coffescript Generator
A Webapp Scaffold to generate a templated based on Gulp, SASS and Coffeescript
Diff Match Patch CF Wheels port
A Cold Fusion port of the Diff-Match-Patch library, that was not available for this language yet. It basically uses the Java API and extends wheels
A lightweight CSS3 flex box based grid
Use the FontAwesome Icons in Appcelerate Titanium Native Mobile Apps



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