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Software Engineering is about complex problem solving, understanding people, creating aesthetic design, being a communicator between domain areas, achieving goals, performing creativity, thinking in strategies... but it's also about coding and a passion to tech.
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An intuitive, simple, user-centric design is as important as a solid and scalable code. That's why I belive professional engineers should have design skills.

Gamification Sales App - Concept

A concept for a sales centric designed mobile app, which motivates users intrinsic and extrinsic, while using gamification elements.

The Cope Stress App

A intuitive mobile App that helps you coping with stress, by giving you a daily lesson that helps you to calm.

Pretty GS1 Scanner

An feature ritch Barcode Scanner that supports the GS1 Standard and has a focus on great usibility and intuitive design.

Open Source Projects

Github Profile

The idea of Open source has deep roots and contributing to other projects is always fun. So I open sourced the code of this website too. Here are some more samples of my open source contributions.

Open Source has always a passion - so why not open sourcing my private portfolio website

Flashlight for OS X

An Open-Source project that allows to bore up the search in macOS. It was used by thousands of users. Next to the foudner I was the top contributor with over 120 commits, until the project was stopped.

Flashlight Plugins

Plugins for the Flashlight App for macOS, to add rich web features to the macOS search


A lightweight, responsive, smart gallery based on jQuery


The second version of xGallerify, developed for Angular Applications


A GS1 Barcode Library and Parser for Swift Apps

Camera Remote - JS

Remote control your Sony Camera. Using one API and build an Application in Browser, Node.js, or a JavaScript Hybrid App

Diff Match Patch CF Wheels port

A Cold Fusion port of the Diff-Match-Patch library, that was not available for this language yet. It basically uses the Java API and extends wheels


A lightweight CSS3 grid, based on flex box

Interest in a Picture?

I'm glad you enjoy my photography. Many of the photos can be purchased, so feel free to reach out to me. The portfolio is just a reference and I have many more perspectives, angles and light conditions of these places.

You can also contact me for collaborations or private shootings.

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